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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Banking Trojan 2013 statistics

More than 1400 Financial institutions targeted by Banking Trojan in 2013

The State of Financial Trojans: 2013
Which Revealed that over 1400 financial institutions have been targeted and compromised millions of computers around the world and the mostly targeted banks were based in the USA with 71.5% of all analyzed Trojans.
 According to the report, the number of infections of the most common financial Trojans grew to 300 over percent in the first 9 months of 2013. Nearly 1,500 institutions in 88 countries were potential targets during 2013.

More than 1400 Financial institutions targeted by Banking Trojan in 2013for the last 10 years to protect customers and online transactions from threat. Over the time those remote attackers adapted to these countermeasures and sophisticated banking Trojans began to emerge.

Two Dominant attack strategies are:

* Focus attack: This approach suits attackers with limited resources but also scales well to larger operations. if the distribution is accurate and the target institution has a sizeable client base, a focused attack can provide and adequate supply of targets. Shylock, Bebloh and Tilon all use this approach exclusively.

* Broad Strokes: In this attack strategy, Trojans are set to target large numbers of institutions. Tilon, Cridex, and Gameover adopt these tactics and Zeus also uses this approach in its default configuration.

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