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Monday, 18 March 2013

Learn About LOIC








  • Is LOIC infected with a virus? NO, your AV gives a false positive. Disable your AV. The source code is included in the download to prove this.
  • Will I get caught/arrested for using it? Chances are next to zero. Just blame you have a virus, or simply deny any knowledge of it.
  • Can I use a PROXY? NO, you will just attack the proxy. But a VPN is OK.
  • LOIC cant connect; Turn off MSE / AV and/or your Firewall. Still no go; On IRC, type /map and choose a different server.
  • Requests stuck? Target is down, KEEP FIRING TO KEEP IT DOWN
  • Who/What is the target; Set LOIC on HIVEMIND mode or see the topic in main IRC channel.
  • What settings should I use? Join the HIVEMIND or leave it at default w/ TCP. Protip: Dont go over 100 threads.
  • What is (D)DOS?
  • What is a botnet?
  • How do I get a botnet? No.



  • DO NOT PM OPs!
  • READ the TOPIC in the channels. Scroll up!!!
  • Stay on topic!
Type /msg nickserv help to register to talk.
See link above for any other questions.

To get on IRC:

We highly recommend using SSL if possible to make it harder for someone to sniff out your password.
Simply install OpenSSL (anywhere on your HDD) and change the port on mIRC to “+6697” (without quotes) [how-to here]. Other clients might not use the ‘+’ sign for SSL.
GET THE ANONOPS MIRC CLIENT (windows) HERE(updated 18 dec).
It will automatically connect you to IRC and join the channels. It also hides join/quits.
  • Unzip it to your desktop
  • Start with the mIRC shortcut
  • Choose a name and click OK
Other Cients: Nix xChat / Mac colloquy
Channel List (click to join w/ client or type /join #channel):
Type /list on IRC for full list of channels.

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